Born and raised in north central Montana’s Bear Paw Mountains, owner Chris Faber has worked on the family ranch all of his life. Chris also owns and operates a very successful outfitting business, Bear Paw Hunts, Inc. which now leases over 500,000 huntable acres. He has been guiding for over 25 years and is extremely passionate about the guiding and sporting business.

Once an avid bow hunter, Chris hasn’t hunted a Montana big game animal in 9 years. He dedicates his time and knowledge to helping other hunters achieve success. His only personal hunting consists of picking off those pesky predators.

Chris has implemented an extensive game management plan to help create a better environment for the wildlife. This includes harvesting only mature animals and patrolling the area ranches.  Chris is relentless on predators and uses full time trappers to control the predator population. His strategy has increased game numbers and improved game quality.

He is an experienced outdoorsman and wildlife manager. His mission has been to find the best hunting ranches in Montana, work hard to fulfill the landowner’s needs and manage the wildlife in a responsible way. His effort and management plan has been a proven success to hunters and landowners as well. He continues to look for the best hunting ranches in Montana striving to help all hunters have a great outdoor experience.

Chris shares his passion of the Montana outdoors with his wife Janna and children Jonathan and Sarah.